Synergy Publishing is an international publisher of online, open access and scholarly peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines including science, technology, medicine, engineering, education and social science. We aim to provide an analytics as well as platform for information exchange and discussion that help organizations and professionals in advancing society for the betterment of mankind.

Journal introduction

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International Foundation.

Our press is located in Singapore, which a strong international foundation for scholars from all over the world.

International Publishing Model.

We are the first one to import international publishing model whose functions are both peer review and open access.

Focus on Academic.

Adhere to the publishing concept “to reinforce the foundation, pursue innovation, promote the culture, and establish far-reaching ambition”; and pay attention to academic attainments.

OJS System.

The article review adopts the open-access international website system -OJS system.

Open Journal System(OJS) is sponsored by the Public Knowledge Project Organization from Columbia University in Canada, jointly developed by PKP, the Canadian Academic Publishing Center and Canada Simon Fraser University Library. OJS can realize the office automation of periodical editing process, station build and full-text journals by network publishing. The system design is in line with international standards, and supports peer review. It is very helpful to improve the citation rate, academic level and publication quality of periodicals.

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