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Hpayy New Year 2020


In 2019, With the continuous efforts of the editor in chief, the editorial board members and all members of the editorial department, we strive for perfection in the organization, review, editing and publishing process. So far, we have completed the publishing work with high quality and will continuously make effort to achieve higher goals.
There is still a long way to go in the future. New year, new beginnings, new challenges and opportunities, we will continue to work hard and move forward. We welcome to more excellent scholars to join us, as well as more excellent articles, and let's work hard for our journal in 2020 to bring the journal up to a higher academic level.
Every progress we make is inseparable from everyone’s contribution and support. Thanks to the readers, authors, Editor-in-Chief and all the members of the editorial board who have been following and supporting our journal. Thank you and look forward to creating a better future for the journal.
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