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The Introduction and Scope of Medical Research

Jun.29 2017

Medical Research, published by Singapore Synergy Publisher Ptd. Ltd., is an international open access journal with peer review. The journal is committed to provide high quality publishing platform for dedicated to the new health policy, disease treatment, drug research, clinical medicine  and other related academic research results. The focus of attention to the progress of medical research with international influence. At the same time, in order to actively respond to serious health problems, the journal provides solutions for international medical problems, and provides diversified, specialized communication platform for researchers in the field of medical and health field, and strive to promote the international communications in the field.

The journal actively expands a variety of forms, such as the conference proceedings, special issue and co-publishing, in order to win wide recognition in the global scope in the construction industry within the shortest period of time, and to strive to promote international communication in the field.

The types of article in this journal include high-quality original articles, reviews, short papers, comments and letters to the editor in the field of  medical research.

Topics include but are not limited to:

1. Medicine research 2. Drug research 3. Clinical research
4. Healthcare research 5.Nursing research 6.Preventive medicine
7.Epidemiology 8.Medical practice 9.Continuing medical education