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The Introduction and Scope of Modern Electronic Technology

6月.29 2017

Modern Electronic Technology is an international journal in English with open access and peer review towards the whole world.

The journal aims to collect and publish all the high-quality original researches and short commentary and other academic papers which are related to the field of electronic engineering. This journal intends to provide engineers and researchers in the field of electronic technology a large number of shared information resources and high-end communication platform, so as to enable them to create a new concept, theory, method and innovation in the field of electronic engineering science.

The types of article in this journal include high-quality original articles, reviews, short papers, comments and letters to the editor in the field of  electronic engineering.

Topics include but are not limited to:

1. Microelectronics 2. Nanoelectronics 3. Electronic Material Science and Technology
4. Structure and Properties of Semiconductor 5. Digital Technology 6. Automation Systems