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About Us

        Synergy Publishing Pte. Ltd. is a comprehensive publishing company with extensive international influence, established in 2016, located in Singapore. Towards scholars all over the world, our service orientation is to publish high-quality research results conforming to the standard, to provide a publishing platform for researchers and scholars with excellent experimental results, and to promote the development of international academic exchanges. Based on this goal, Synergy Publisher has established its academic foundation in various fields since its inception. It has edited, published and released many online books and publications.

Synergy Publishing Pte. Ltd. is an international online publishers whose nature of business is publication. Our main businesses are not only the publication of academic journals but academic conferences host. Also engages in educational training, electronic books, information technology consulting, language translation service. Synergy uses open access (see Appendix I) and the academic peer review system, which covers a wide range of disciplines, including science, technology, medicine, engineering, education and social sciences. Currently, it has set up offices in Singapore,  and China. The publisher has a number of domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars in publishing industry. With honest and responsible business faith, we provide superb consulting and service for scholars in fields of edition, publication and issue of magazines and books, media cooperation, etc. based on our social relation resources, knowledge and experience.

Synergy Publishing Pte. Ltd. sets up the aim of being included in SCI, SSCI, A & HCI and EI and other well-known citation index databases. And furthermore the publisher is going to develop a world-class academic publishing company, which is a world-class academic publishing company. We provide a professional platform on which scholars can share and exchange scientific research results, to promote the progress of human science and technology.

  • Our Mission

There should be no obstacles to spread knowledge because knowledge without borders. So we use the Open Access , trying to delivery high-quality research results to the worldwide researchers and professionals. We always put the knowledge without borders in mind, as the key elements of our press.

  • Our Goals

     Continuous innovation. We firmly believe that innovation is the source of success, and actively encourage to achieve greater success by innovation.

     Quest for excellence. We advocate continuous self reflection, pursue perfection, and strive to be the leader in all aspects.

     Disseminate knowledge. We ensure that journals in our press are accessible and that research results are spread around the world for the benefit of all mankind.

  • Code of Ethics and Practice:

Synergy Publishing Pte. Ltd. requires all members participating in the publishing process to abide by the code of conduct for editor and the code of conduct for publisher in the Committee on Publication Ethics. The provisions define the best practice of academic publication ethics, and propose codes of conduct for journals and publishers.

Synergy Publishing Pte. Ltd. adheres to the overall online publishing concept---to reinforce the foundation, pursue innovation, promote and develop the culture, and establish far-reaching ambition. Combined with international characteristics, Synergy sticks to the direction of selection and editing which is the latest international production & international first. We are steadily enhance the status in the press industry, to make unremitting efforts for the construction of innovative international publishing enterprise.

Open Access policy:

We understand that free and open access research results provide important social and economic benefits. As a result, Synergy Publishing Pte. Ltd. is committed to the free information sharing and transparency. We believe that research results published by Synergy should be processed and disseminated in a timely manner. Through open access, all peer reviews published by Synergy Publishing Pte. Ltd. allow unrestricted access.